Friday, April 23, 2010


I am here to upload some pictures of the previous trip. So lazy =(

This first stop - Ipoh. Special guest - Hui Ching. I was joking with her that we gonna stop by Ipoh and asked her bring us around before we set off. But then we really went there and she brought us to eat tasty dim sum. Seriously, it was nice. We reached there around 6am in the morning, the restaurant wasn't open yet, but people were queuing outside already. We left after the breakfast and call her again after few days when we were on the way back to JB. Then she brought us to eat Ipoh hor fun. not so nice.. =(..

Then we continued driving to Penang, and reach there around 9am. Been to Penang few times, but now I only realized that island's traffic is terrible. Traffic jam everywhere. All drivers have good skill in Penang, they can squeeze here and there and make one lane become two lanes. @.@...10 of us think that JB-rean are defeated.

Basically all of us have been to all those tourism spots, so this time we just go here and there randomly, did not plan at all. This is the first time i visit the "Toy museum" in Penang. We kept taking picture with the ninja turtles just beside the entrance, and the staff told us do not waste time there and there are still a lot of toys inside the museum for us to take picture. LOL.

Then we went to a beach, somewhere in Penang, but didn't know the name. Got phone call from Yvonne, "jio" us to go clubbing that night. But eventually she FFK and we were also too exhausted to go there. Alright, check the picture below, this pose never absent in our trip.

Then we set off to Hatyai the next day by the hired van. We are not allowed to drive our car to Thailand as the cars were not registered under our name. We can only drive to Thailand if only if the car is registered under our name and the green card is with us. Some random picture of street in Hatyai town.

There is a lot of temples in Hatyai, so a lot of people are here just to pray and visit all those temples. Furthermore, there is a very holy place for beer drinker as there is a temple which is built by 1.5 millions beer bottles, however, the tuk tuk car driver told us that is quite far from town and we didn't have enough time to visit. So, it gave me the excuse to visit Hatyai again. =)

I like one of the temples as it is located on a hill with very nice scenery and it give me very peaceful feeling. I like the middle picture below, we tried to make a thousand hands Buddha.

Then we went to watch Tiger show or Thai girl show after that, seriously, we were all stunned by the performance. You guys should watch it if you go to Thailand. You never knew that part of your body can have so many functions and it can do more than you think. @.@...We back to Penang the next day and drive back to JB. Stopped by Melaka to have some supper. Satay lok lok.

The entire trip was really tiring, but full of fun. =)
For more picture, check my facebook profile.
For travel information, ask me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Tiger Year

First of all, this year is my tiger year
happy chinese new year to everyone!
Another 2000km road trip for this CNY...
vroom...going to HatYai, Thailand this time...

According to Google map
this trip is about 1700km
My ass T.T

we gonna drive toward north about 12 hours to reach thailand
and stop at penang first

我一路向北 离开有你的季节
方向盘周围 回转着我的后悔
我加速超越 却甩不掉紧紧跟随的伤悲

ops...wrong lyrics
this trip is not sad at all

i believe this trip will only fill with fun and happiness
signing off..will update after i back

Sunday, January 31, 2010




Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010

Yo..peep...happy new year!

Back in JB 6 weeks already. Should update my blog for APRRC 09 in Singapore and some update of mine. But working life is dull and tiring, don't feel like to look at my laptop when i reach home.

And it's time to update my blog..had a party with my high school buddies at Austin Hill Resort last night to countdown for year 2010. It is more like a Home Pa even though it is not at our home. Not many people attended but we still had a lot of fun. We booked a room in the resort, and the room was very big. It is enough to accommodate around 10 people and have a party inside. The price was reasonable. RM 199 + RM 25 for public holiday surcharge. Next party most probably will be held here.

TV is provided, but useless for us. We craved for music badly but audio system is not provided. Thus, we brought our own laptop, speakers and even amplifiers so that everyone can be a DJ. LOL! People were staring at us when we passed by the lobby as we carried big speakers, amplifier and ice box. It's a bit embarrassing, but we are random people. So who cares?

Spacious room for us
sleep right after the party
no need to drive

We set up this for some musics
and staff came to our room
because other tenants complained us

Amplifier - individual assignment in 2003
and it is still in use...unbelievable

The fridge provided is not big enough
and we have

And party can't go on without drinks...

Guys...cousin of your BFF
Johnie Walker GOLD label
Bebu brought it from home
no idea about the price

Joanne's BFF - Jack Daniel

JD and JW with two absolut - kurant and citron
kurant's taste is better

We didn't really play game even though we have prepared mahjong and poker card as we messed around most of the time. Ah Meng is as high as usual. Pity for those who were forced to play wrestling with him. LOL! I am waiting for those funny videos.

Pyramid beer game


Billsss were settled by those who have just got their first pay in career, by means JinRong and HuiDi. So, i am here to say the magic word, THANKS!

2 of my best buddies in high school
Congratz them for graduating
and got in the company they want
haha..words aren't hand-written

Wish everyone good luck in the new year.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prom night

**=____="""...i saved this post in draft two months ago...and forgot to post it**

This is a long overdue post...i have no idea how many reports, asgms, mid term test plus FYP i have been through since i last updated my blog. Life is flooded by all these annoying things and also ..........Mahjong. LOL! Anyway, now i am here to clean the grasses here and this post is gonna talk about the prom night I had weeks ago.

This is the first and the last prom in my uni life, didn't go for it in last 4 years as i don't really like this kind of formal occasion. Other than Curtin Open Day, i think prom night is the most popular event in Miri campus, just like the October Fest in Perth campus. Have to be fast or else tickets would be sold out. It was held in Eastwood and the theme was "Starvation of Romance"...ops.. should be "Star of Romance"...but i think the first one is more suitable...couldn't remember detail of the night as it was weeks not much description for it...check these photos out

Attended the prom with emo kids and stay with them most of the time. Emo kid rocksss

Star wars

All the girls

The first thing we did with dean is drink wine

Other than emo kids, there are many ECEC course mates were there as well. ECEC rocksss course mate as well

Lyndy and me
and her twin sister Linda unable to attend that night

fellow mahjong freak


And met lots of my junior in FY too, FY isn't the short form what you stands for Foon Yew, my high school..and they remind me again, i have to graduate ASAP...i have only junior here, seniors from FY in Curtin are all graduated...time goes faster please...anyway, FY rocksss

Junior no.1 -- Cun Xi

Junior no.2 - Chin Yoke

Junior no.3 - Jess

Junior no.4 - Kally

Sigh...old man
I think we spent time on picture taking is longer than eating, and lotsa pictures are coming on

Ah kai and "ShangHai tan" people

Jimmy, this one is specially dedicated for you
your gay partners in 51, Jackson Road are all doing well here

Poser - Alfred and me

Joanne and me with her best

ZiWei and me

Mr. Yvonne Teoh and Miss Chai
no idea why want to mess this

Fellow princesses from Bintululyndy, c hua and ning

One of the programs...
looks like PCEC
party with coat and gown

All nominees of Prom King and Queen

Unbelievable...Victor got a new title-- Prom King because of our We shouted and screamed for Victor to make him become the king of the night. Never knew that our noise is so powerful...haha. Now, Victor and prom king, prom king and victor is linked. LOL! The after party was not so nothing much to record down.

October's weekends are full of activities ...the week after prom was the installation night of Rotaract club and last week was "A day with PDK" organized by me and Victor...for more click here to link to Victor's blog.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moon cake festival

October starts with a very happening weekend...prom night follow by moon cake festival..this entry is for moon cake festival and prom night's post is pending as moon cake festival is gonna end soon...hope it's not too

Picture taken by lee hui last
like this pic so much
但愿人长久 千里共婵娟


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Organ donation?

Finally got rid of my EM mid term test as well as DCN lab report and had a 13 hours sleep last night. Thought that week free has started. But i suddenly recall that there is a talk organized by Rotaract Club at 2pm during my lunch. Then we headed to campus to attend the talk and the topic was about organ donation. Have been thinking to sign up as an organ donor since i read about Tee HuiYi's case on newspaper about two years ago. She is a lucky girl amongst those unlucky people as miracle happened on her because she got 2 chances for heart transplantation. But miracle wouldn't happen without those organ donors. I think donate out our organs to people who need it when we couldn't carry on our life is way way better than bury, burn or use it to feed eagles(happens in Tibet, correct me if i am wrong).

The talk was presented by Ms. Hani from Miri Red Crescent
don't spell her name

Kind hearted Nescafe and Ayam Brand
yixiu..i helped you to promote them already

Luckily "brain" is not in the option
Can't make the picture clearer
so can't donate my stupid brain to others

Started up my 2nd free week with this meaningful action, I have finally signed up as a donor. For those kiasu-er...i don't think you wish to be a loser. So sign up please. Humankind, be both. Do the right thing =D

Monday, August 10, 2009


Checked mail like usual but got something unusual today
Other than electric, water, internet bills and advertisements...
I found something special in mailbox today...
it was a postcard from Switzerland
the card was sent by QianHui at top of europe--Jungfraujoch
She likes to travel very much and ever hosted a guest in Couchsurfing project
Really wanna thank her for the postcard by this post

Anyone can transfer the snow to Malaysia?
Damn hot these days...=.="""

Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe
Remedial class for geography is

Once again, thank you :D